... the solution for all your virtual PA needs
... the solution for all your virtual PA needs

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I'm Linda O'Neil, owner of Admin Answers and my aim is to make you happy at work by sharing your workload in order to give you back control of your time and reduce your stress levels - all on a flexible pay-as-you-go basis.


Admin Answers provides a friendly and efficient service, supporting large corporations, small businesses and individuals to give you the right solution for your admin and project management needs, with quality and confidentiality assured.


I'm always here, whenever you might need me, and by employing me you can free yourself up to spend more time on your business instead of working in it.  Now is the time to plan what work you can delegate in order to spend your own time more profitably.


You can delegate project management, general tasks and system maintenance, no matter where in the world you are, enabling me to provide true support whilst you step back to focus on the other demands on your time and spend your time more profitably.


Working with you like a traditional secretary/Personal Assistant (PA), I operate from my own fully-equipped premises, thereby saving you the hassle of dealing with equipment, payroll, tax and insurance.  I promise that your work will be carried out by me personally; I do not delegate to any agency, in order that I can vouch for the quality and thoroughness of all work done for you.

I'll take tasks off your shoulders and set you free to concentrate your time and effort on what really matters to you.  I'll be a human link between your business and the outside world whilst you get out and about.


With software such as Skype, Dropbox, Google documents, Sharepoint, etc we can work as closely together as you would with a colleague in the next office.  So, what are you waiting for? Give me a call for a no-obligation chat and start feeling happier at work!


Benefits to you:


         Your own Virtual Assistant (VA) available whenever you need me


         No employment contract or cost when you don't need me


         More free time and less stress 



"The time I save by hiring a VA is time I now spend working on new projects which bring in more money" says Emma Cossey, in The Freelance Lifestyle blog "How hiring a VA boosted my freelance business".  She lists these benefits:


  • "It gave me the ability to remove the small jobs that acted as barriers to getting the big stuff done. And often, those small jobs are done much faster by a VA than they would be by me. As a result, things that had been sitting on my To Do list for months (if not years) were finally getting ticked off, giving me much-needed clarity.
  • It gave me accountability. I work best when I know someone else is relying on me to get something done.
  • It gave me support and confidence to continue with new ideas. I often found that as a freelancer, after the first rush of excitement of a new idea, I’d get a bit despondent. Having my VA to bounce ideas off and make practical suggestions really helped and I know I launched more products and services because of her help.
  • The Devil is no longer in the detail. I’m really not detail-orientated. Having someone to check things over means I don’t spend hours of wasted time procrastinating."


I will help you to achieve your aims more quickly and with less stress so contact me if you have any admin problems ... because I have the Admin Answers!
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